Oh My My My Bi

I find beautiful people attractive, and I don't think that "bi" really covers it, but Oh My My My Pan and Oh My My My Queer just don't have the same ring to 'em.

Feel free to post pictures, poems, comments, whatever.

Also, it goes without saying that none of these pictures are mine. I'm snagging them off the intarwebz.

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Boxer crabs are badass because they pick up handfuls clawfuls of stinging sea anemones and use them as weapons.

I thought that was a cheerleader crab

Waitaminutewaitaminute- what you’re telling me is that when that crab gets threatened, it picks up another organism laying nearby/minding it’s own business and then proceeds to use said innocent bystander to beat up whatever was threatening it?
someone please find a picture of this crab and put “I’ll beat a motherfucker with another mother fucker” on it in captions. Do it please I am not good with edits.

I am now singing “I will beat a motherfucker with another motherfucker” to the tune of Llama Llama Duck.

I will beat a motherfucker
with another motherfucker
'til the motherfucker fucking fucked the motherfuck.
Motherfucker, Motherfucker,
Do not fuck with motherfuckers,
Who have other motherfuckers, with to fuck you back.
I once saw a spider
He was not a dove.
using other creatures like some fucking pompom gloves.
Beating motherfuckers,
He looked very pleased.
And with spider friends like that
Who needs anemones?
Did you see that motherfucker punch a fucker with a fucker?
I will beat a motherfucker
with a motherfuck.
Once a motherfucker fucked with
twice the motherfucker and he
found the motherfucker was a motherfucking… duck.

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Oh sweet Jesus, I laughed so hard I had a coughing fit. omg.


That is “I Am The Very Model Of A Motherfucking General” level singing.
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i don’t know how people do this i can’t even separate them without it breaking in 600 pieces 
  • Abuse: I know it is hard to believe at the moment, but please know that it was not your fault. You did not and do not deserve to be hurt. You deserve the very best. If you haven't told anyone about what happened, please think about it. Talking about it, even just to a tumblr follower will help you in the long run.
  • Post traumatic stress disorder: If you have nightmares and flashbacks about your past, it's ok. It doesn't mean that you are weak, not at all, it just means that your brain is having trouble coping with what happened and is trying to find a way to. Talking to someone about what happened will help you. It won't be easy and it will take time, but eventually it willl fade away with help.
  • Rape: It was not your fault. He/she had no right to take advantage of you. You never asked for it. It wasnt because of what you were weariing or how much you drank...if you never said yes its not consensual. If you couldnt stop the person that doesnt mean you were weak or deserved it. You aren't alone. I am here for you.
  • Anxiety: Its ok to be not ok. Being anxious doesn't make you weak. Just remember to take deep breathes and try to meditate. It's going to be ok. I am here for you.
  • Self Harm: I know how hard it is to deal with the urges to cut or hurt yourself in some way. Please know that I am here for you whenever you need someone to talk to. You don't need to hurt yourself. You dont deserve pain. You are amazing. i hope one day you believe me.
  • Eating disorders: No matter what size jeans you wear, you are beautiful. The number on the scale does not determine your worth. Food is fuel for your body, just like cars need gas your body needs food. Food wont make you fat ugly disgusting or anything negative. You are beautiful just the way you are. You are worthwhile. You are important.
  • Depression: Unable to get out of bed today? that's ok. Just curl up with a blanket and snuggle under your sheets. You are ok. Even the darkest nights will end. You can't see rainbows without a storm, but this storm will pass. I am proud of you just for being alive. If you were able to get out of bed, i am proud of you. If you stayed in your pjs all day, i am proud of you. If you tried to smile but couldn't I am proud of you. If you managed to smile, I am proud of you.
  • Suicidal: I know it is hard. I know you are struggling. But I promise you it will get better. Maybe not tomorrow or next year, but eventually your life will turn around. I am so proud of you for being alive when you feel all hope is lost. Please never give up. You deserve to live. I am here for you. Please never give up, not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever. Talk to someone and let them help you. You are so worthwhile. I love you. You are not alone.
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Paolo Roversi_Portrait of Natalia Vodianova, Paris 2003




true self control is waiting until the movie starts to eat your popcorn

why would the movie eat my popcorn

nevermind i get it

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GIRL Thor??? BLACK Captain America?? What’s next, GAY Iron Man? [actual comment on actual facebook]

i am all for this please and thank you just keep listing off things that frighten you because they all sound like good ideas to me

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Why you should be in passionate horny love with Elizabeth ‘Nellie Bly’ Cochrane
Born in 1864/65, Elizabeth, one of 15 children, was always ‘the rebellious one’. Fierce as fuck from an early age, she testified against her abusive stepfather in her mother’s divorce trial.
In 1880 she enrolled in a teacher-training college but had to leave after her first semester due to lack of funding - then moved to Pittsburgh to help run a goddamn boarding school. 
This is where we get to the good shit. Age 18, she wrote a letter-to-the-editor of the Pittsburgh Dispatch bitchslapping the everloving fuck out of a sexist ballsack of an article entitled ‘What Girls Are Good For’. 
The editor was so goddamn wooed by her razor-sharp tongue that he RAN AN AD asking her to identify herself. Elizabeth owned up, and was hired instantaneously, her badassery radiating from her pores and intoxicating all within a twenty mile radius.
Working under the pen-name Nellie Bly, Elizabeth kicked the butts of morons everywhere, writing articles aimed at social justice, particularly labour laws to protect working ‘girls’ and reform of Pennsylvania’s divorce law, which greatly favoured men.
Not content with changing the world from behind her desk, Elizabeth became a founding mother of investigative journalism. She was expelled from Mexico for exposing political corruption, and henceforth wrapped in cotton wool by her editors. Infuriated by their mollycoddling, Lizzie left them a note essentially telling them to fuck themselves and hot footed it to NYC. She was still only 23.
Within six months she was hired by Joseph fucking Pulitzer himself, and continued her batshit crazy investigations uninhibited. Her very first assingment had her feigning mental illness to expose repulsive conditions in Blackwell’s Island Insane Asylum. Her cutting report was so fucking horrifying, compelling and persuasive that it triggered public and political action, leading to reform of the institution.
In the next couple of years she had herself thrown in jail and hired by a sweatshop, all for shits and giggles. Oh, and to uncover incomprehensible injustice, cruelty, poverty, and the concealed, heinous treatment of the vulnerable and voiceless. 
But was pioneering journalism, social revolution and batshit badassery enough for our Liz? Like fuck it was. On a whim Nellie did what any self-respecting 25 year old woman in the 1800s would do - she emulated Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days, and did it in 72.
Millions followed her journey, and its appeal to a semi-literate populace resulted in greatly increased newspaper readership. So while travelling the entire globe (IN THE 1800s, AS A WOMAN) by ship, train, burro and balloon, she helped the world to read.
Having essentially conquered the entire goddamn universe before hitting 30, Nellie retired, and wed 72 year old industrialist Robert Seaman. Their marriage was a happy one, and after his death she took over Iron Clad Manufacturing Co.
But Lizzie was a writer, what would she know about the metal industry? Well, she INVENTED the steel barrel that became the model for the widely used 55-gallon drum and turned her inherited businesses into multimillion-dollar companies, so apparently a fuck ton.
Furthermore, she set a precedent for working conditions, ensuring her workers had good pay, gymnasiums, staffed libraries, and health care, all completely unheard of at the time, while still writing to further the plight of the Suffragette movement.
Nellie may have died age 58 of pneumonia, but HBICs live on forever.

Um, holy shit.

My favorite story about Nellie Bly is that she was intending to go around the world in eighty days for her newspaper company, but they figured a man should go instead.  “Fuck that,” she said essentially, “I’m going anyway, and I’ll beat him.” and she DID

To my dismay he told me that in the office they had thought of this same idea before and the intention was to send a man. However he offered me the consolation that he would favor my going, and then we went to talk with the business manager about it.
"It is impossible for you to do it," was the terrible verdict. "In the first place you are a woman and would need a protector, and even if it were possible for you to travel alone you would need to carry so much baggage that it would detain you in making rapid changes. Besides you speak nothing but English, so there is no use talking about it; no one but a man can do this."
"Very well," I said angrily, "Start the man, and I’ll start the same day for some other newspaper and beat him."

she also took a detour to say “hey” to Jules Verne, who told her “if you do it in seventy-nine days, I shall applaud with both hands,” which of course she did, with a few days to spare.
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